21 Great Windmill Street


Located in this authentic area of Soho, Heydon & Carr were responsible for the full demolition and reconstruction of this six storey property.

Creating three levels of retail below a three storey apartment, the construction was carried out with considerable logistical challenges due to 3 Nr party wall arrangements, extremely tight site conditions and the ongoing traffic issues faced in this area.

Intelligent temporary works were designed to enable demolition works to be carried out, but also enable immediate construction of the new structure, therefore accelerating the construction process.

The completion of the project received numerous accolades for our professionalism and competence in delivering a scheme which was considered complex and challenging.

21_Great_Windmill St_3 221_Great_Windmill St_3 2
21_Great_Windmill St_4 221_Great_Windmill St_4 2
21_Great_Windmill St_5 221_Great_Windmill St_5 2
21_Great_Windmill St_6 221_Great_Windmill St_6 2
21_Great_Windmill St_7 221_Great_Windmill St_7 2
21_Great_Windmill St_9 221_Great_Windmill St_9 2
21_Great_Windmill St_821_Great_Windmill St_8